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New Auris


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Hello All,

It is my first post on the forum so I would like to say hello:)

I had my new Auris delivered yesterday and I have a question. I have noticed that front spoiler seems to be loose. When you push it at the bottom corner of wheel arch it moves about 1,5inch. The plastic inside the wheel arch moves to and makes noise as it is not fixed in the middle. Is that normal or my car had alredy some hard expierience?


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The bumpers etc do move alot more than older cars but if you think the movement is excessive take it back to the dealer and ask them to check it.

There maybe one of the fixing screws/clips missing.


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If the stock front bumper spoiler/lip stays perfectly aligned with the bumper and there are no space where it meets the bumper, then it's fine. If you wiggle it with your hand, it suppose to move around and feel loose but it should stay perfectly aligned when it stays still.

However, TTE front bumper spoiler thing is all there for aesthetics and it should fit as tight as a Victoria's Secret models thigh, it shouldn't jiggle like a jelly at all. So yeah...

I have no idea about the wheel arch thing though. I've never checked those areas, yet. :D

And hello brother, welcome to TOC and enjoy your Auris. ;)

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Thanks. I will have a closer look when it gets warmer :) The spoiler is aligned so I guess it is OK. The fixing screws aren't tight and the bottom part of the plastic inside wheel arch is not fixed at all. When you push the spoiler then plastic inside moves and make noise. I must find a manual how the spoiler is fixed and compare to mine.

Except that I love the car :D

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Front spoiler is fixed with 7 hex screws and 2 clinch type plastic fasteners at the edges. Near the front tires, the very end of the front spoiler, there has to be 1 hex screw and 1 clinch type plastic fastener in front of them, according to the installation manual. Maybe the screws are a little loose? Or the plastic fasteners?

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On the two Auris I have experience off the "security" or "sturdyness" of the bumpers varied between the two.

My most disturbing experience is the "plastic on plastic" noise that you get when polishing, or buffing the bumpers up after a good cleaning session. They can't be loose, else they would have dropped off or become missaligned, but there's certainly some movement there.

I guess if you are really concerned, find another Auris owner near by and compare notes.

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