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Do I pay for my car insurance by credit card and get 1% cashback or pay by monthly direct debit

There is no fee for paying monthly

which option is the best?

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Not really, as saving interest is now lower than the rate of inflation, so it doesn't "pay" to save.

From my experience if you pay your insurance monthly, you end up paying more in total, the premium for paying monthly, was greater than the interest of paying on my credit card so I paid by card and paid it off as I could (£815 a year).

The companies that offered interest free monthly payment were that much more expensive anyway!!

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If you pay by credit card (and pay it off every month) then you will get cash back or some form of loyalty points (if you don’t have this type of credit card... why not??) also if the insurance company goes bump you are protected by the consumer credit act and will get all you money back.

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