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What Oil ?


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GTX Magnetec 10W 40, works well in Turbo cars, costs around £22 for a 4.5 litre container (just about enough to do a 2). Toyota use it for Turbo MR2's so it must be pretty good!

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Can you guys get mobil 1? They make some great fully synthetic oil.

Yep u can m8. Though i wouldnt recommend the 0w rated oil. Makes the car too noisy, an opinion that's been echoed by others.

There was another post were we got into oil for the 2, do a search if ya cant find it ill have to post a link. too lazy to do that atm!


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Much as it brings me out in an itchy rash to say it Halfrauds is selling magnatec for a sensible price, think the 4.5L's i bought at the weekend was ~£15.... down from £22 :thumbsup:

Whoopty do, a fun weekend of scrabbling around under my car being doused in hot oil awaits..... and some fancy headlight trickery that if it works ill post some piccys ;)

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