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1994 Celica Auto Over Heating Problem


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I have recently bought a 1994 Automatic Celica on 56,000 miles. The Temperature gauge seems very quick to rise to the 2/3 mark when the car is stationary, or carrying out parking manouvers but will quickly drop to the 1/3 mark when in motion. Is this a sign of a potential problem or is the gauge just very sensertive? The coolant level seems okay and appears to be the right colour (reddy brown), and the car is yet to approach overheating. The car is booked in for a service but not for several weeks.

Could anybody provide any answers or solutions?

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The needle on my Gen 6 sits at halfway nearly all the time, i suppose it could be the thermostat or fan switch.... Does the fan switch on when its heating up? - mine only has to be sat in traffic for 5 mins till it comes on for a while.

Otherwise it might be worth flushing the cooling system and see if this makes any difference?

Anyway hope this is of some help matey..... :thumbsup:

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I would check you have a thermostat in there, sounds like it could of been removed at some point, if you find it has been removed then you have to ask why, 9 times out of 10 its to hide a possibly blown head gasket :blink:

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Thanks for your advice.

I got a local garage to check it out for me and they reckoned it was okay. The fans are comming on and the thermostat appeared to be functioning.

I had the coolent and oil changed a week later, but the sensitivity is still there.

Toyota want £55+vat before they will look at the problem (local garage did not charge me) , so I have taken the decision to just leave it for the time being and just monitor the fluid levels and keep an eye on the gauge.

Thanks again.

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