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Fuel Consumtion On Carina Ii


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Err.. This is presumably oil consumption! I had an '88 Carina II, that was about 28mpg (1.6l). Not great but certainly not too bad...

Oh, and that never burnt a drop of oil in the 20k miles or so that I owned it for. :thumbsup:

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Thanks for the replies. Yes it was petrol consumption I was after :)

I thought it would be higher than 28mpg (for a manual). I tried to look for some official figures but couldn't find any on the 'net - not even Toyota's web sites :( .

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The official figures from a Carina II brochure state:

Urban : 32.5

56 mph : 53.3

75 mph : 41.5

These figures would have been taken under the old system of testing though which is less accuarate than the current system of having urban extra urban and combined.

There are a few factors though of why yours is a bit lower, things like Carburettors dont help as the wear, get a bit clogged etc, driving styles vary - ideally you should get upto speed as quickly as possible so that you cover the furthest distance in your cruising gear and of course making sure youre in the correct gear for the situation, which is why in the real world auto's tend to be quicker and more economical even though official figures say otherwise as the manuals are driven by a computer so that everything is done at the correct time for the tests.

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