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99 Camary Mods


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i've seen all over the place about using a resistor or a dial penomenter*sp on the air temp sensor to trick the computer into thinking that theres cooler air coming in, causing it to advance the timing. i know exactly how to do it, only on a mustang tho. where is this sensor on my 99 camry 4cyl and can i do the same mod to it? also please suggest some other cheap mods that i can do to increase my hp and performance. by the way, can this air temp sensor mod hurt my engine?

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why is a camery post in the performance section :S they are luxuary cars... they cant go very fast really ^_^....

may i suggest some nice Ice... no engine work though, a few dvds.. rice it up or something.

Ice = In care entertainment

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You can buy the resistor chip on eBay for about £3.99, it's supposed to do for all makes and models.

Have a look at this thread:


Scroll down to similar question about the resistors.

But you did say:

i know exactly how to do it, only on a mustang tho

Have you done and if so, did you get much increase by doing it?

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