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Allo toyotaownersclub.com!

I'm new here, but i first came across this website 3 years ago when i bought my Toyota Celica and was interested in finding recommendations for service garages/mechanics, etc. Never did actually register though after first checking out the website and instead added it to my 'to-do list'. Regrettably I never bothered to follow through and several years later now I'm here for the same reason I had in the first place.

Not much more to say really! I live a double-life as a part-time landscaper with my own business and as a part-time worker at a Royal Mail processing centre, taking any hours there doing any duties i can get my hands on... i just finished a 7-week long full garden makeover which had me working 10-14 hour days for 6 days a week at the two different jobs put together.

I'm tryna clear my personal debts right now, and I'm pretty hard-up so my car doesn't even compare to many of those I see in the galleries here. :P

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Welcome to TOC, I'm sure you will find it usefull, who knows... might even save you a few bob along the way.

Make yourself at home.. it's your round :)

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