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MR2 Turbo Vs GT4 (5th Gen)


Which one should i choose?  

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  1. 1. Which one should i choose?

    • MR2 T-bar Tubby in black
    • Celica GT4 4WD Tubby in black

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I have been searchin for a GT4 ST185 for ages but am finding it hard to get a good one at a decent price...then by chance someone pointed me out a MR2 Tubby for 3K and now im like.. hmm... :ffs:

Please help me decide...

Can i assume that a clutch change in the GT4 cost wise is way higher than the MR2?

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I would have thought the cost on an MR2 would be more as they are gits to work on.

I would go for the MR2... its pure fun on wheels and with the T-Bar you are sorted for the summer!

The GT4 costs in the region of £700 min for a clutch change and if done from Toyota your looking more at a figure of £1200!!!

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Sounds similar, though it depends on who you get to do the clutch. If you can find a friendly local garage, plus get your hands on the service manual, it could cost you a lot less. At most garages (non- Toyota) it the faffing around as they work out how to do it that takes the time and thus costs the money. Having said that it is quite a task. I would expect to pay at least £300 excluding parts.

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wow expensive for a clutch change on the gt4...

I guess u could call me biased but i'd go for the mr2...

if u pass it up send me the details as a tubby at that price wont b so bad :)


no worries mate... its all good... :thumbsup:

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And besides..youre in for a hell of a looooong wait and many hours of travelling to find a decent ST185 GT4. At least there are more 2 tubbys about so its a much easier task to find the perfect mr2 turbo. But it really depends on whether its practical for you.

Because it isnt really. At least with the celica you got a hooj boot. And you can still squeeze in four people. Say bye bye to that with an mr2. :unsure:

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I like the MR2 but realisticly the GT4 has much more going for it.

4WD, better cornering, cheaper insurance compared to same engined MR2, 4 seats, practical boot

I think really you've got to REALLY like the MR2 more than the GT4 to warrent a MR2.

Also unlike the Supra mk4 the rear seats in the back of the celica are very practical. Headroom is the only problem but you got to sink yourself down into the seats.

Many times i've let someone else drive and fell asleep in the back of the GT4, and im a good bit over 6foot.

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