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You can see the new chrome bullet door mirrors in this photo? Funny story...

Whilst taking the old standard mirror off, revealed two holes where it was held on. LUCKILY the new mirror holes lined up EXACTLY the same place. "Brilliant!" I thought. bolded the new mirror into place, sat down inside and is abolutely fine. It's a lot lower than the standard one so i can on make out the bottom half of the car behind but i'm not too fussed. It does the job! However.. You might know that this model of celica came with only one door mirror that is placed on the drivers side. So new holes had to be drilled into the door pannels. Took measurments of other side to make it even, accurate and symmetrical. On the mirror goes and I was delighted to see how amazing it looked from the outside! So... I hopped in the car only to find out that where the mirrors are so small and low, the passenger mirror is under the window and completely invisible. SO a majour ubik up on my part. But i'm use to only using the one mirror!! At least it looks good from the outside! Lol

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