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Fit Dashmount Cradle

Installing Dashmount Cradle on RAV4.3

Difficulty - Easy

Time - 15 minutes.

Tools - Trim Removal Tool; Philips P1 Screwdriver


Secure mounting of portable devices such as Sat-Nav units, 'Safety Camera' detectors, etc are important to avoid loose gadgets potentially flying around the cabin.

The windscreen sucker fitments can work well, but they have a tendency to vibrate due to the flexible goose-neck these holders often have, and a solid bracket usually work best.

The Dashmount is one of the two most popular brackets (The Brodit being the other). This guide shows how to install the Dashmount.


Remove the right hand radio trim with a trim removal tool or similar device (I used an 'L' shaped bracket with insulation tape on the end to prevent scratches


I also slid two plastic cards between the dash and the trim piece and put the trim tool between the two to make absolutely sure of no scratching.

The Dashmount for the RAV4.3 secures into place with the single philips screw (circled in red below)


Simply remove the screw, position the Dashmount bracket and refit the screw


The trim piece is then refitted by simply pushing back into place. It is a snug fit already, and with the bracket in place, a firm push will be needed to get the trim back in place, but it WILL go back neatly.


And that completes the installation of the Dashmount Bracket.

Additional Info

You can now fit an appropriate cradle to the bracket to allow your device to be held securely.

The mobile device I wanted to use is an HTC Sensation phone, which I wanted in good view to use the CamerAware application for warning of 'safety' cameras.

I had been using one of the goose-neck windscreen holders while I was looking for a bracket and this suffered the usual problem of shaking, which I find very annoying personally when glancing at the screen.


I simply unclipped the phone cradle from the holder and secured it to the new Dashmount bracket with two ty-wraps (I have found using ty-wraps for this 100% reliable for this task for the last few cars and cradles highly recommend this method)


(Black ty-wraps would be virtually invisible and I'll be swapping from the clear to the black soon as I can find them!)

Total Cost:

Dashmount was £9.49 including shipping; HTC Phone Cradle was part of a £18 set of accessories (including the gooseneck holder, 5 x cases, leads, charger and 2 x batteries!)


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