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Tns 510 Navigation System


I have a question regarding my car it was stopped for more than 6 weeks the battery had discharge and because of that my TNS510 navigation system had stopped working and it is show a message on the screen which is saying ( call the dealer ) so my question here is there any way to reset the TNS510 navigation system ?

Normally if the battery has discharged all that happens is you loose things like your saved phone numbers and settings on the satnav like places you have been to before. When the battery has been re- charged, and you turn the ignition on for the first time.

The Tns 510 comes on and you see a blue progress line as the software re-loads. It is very important that you do not interrupt this process until it finishes.

If for some reason you do by maybe keep trying to restart the car then it is likely that the software has become corrupt and you will have to take it to a dealer. Sorry for the bad news.


Many thanks to tarquin (David)

Download this file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6vytjsu191lh2f4/LOADING.KWI

you need to put the downloaded file on to on a blank 4gb Sd Card.

Place it in the TNS510 and switch ignition on first stage and a yellow progress bar will appear.

When it finishes the radio will work as before.

If you have the original map card, replace the card you made for the map card and your map will return.

A great solution from a clever and trusted member. :thumbsup:

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Do I need to disconect accu and reconet it after some time?

This solution doesn't work with me.

Is there any newer loading.kwi file?

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I have the same problem with my TNS510; "A program cannot be read. Please consult to a dealer."

Can you send my please the file  (load.kwi) and instructions on igorlendarov@gmail.com?

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Can anyone please send  the loading kwi file for Toyota TNS 510 ( 2011 onwards model. no boot up, a programme can not be read)


Many thanks


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