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New T Sport Owner


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Decided I would trade my old Astra SRi against something with a bit more poke! Being old enough that I can now afford to ensure some of the cars in the higher groups (or old enough to know better according to the wife!) I have been doing the garage rounds

Test drove, Astra GSi, Civic Type R, Clio Club Sport, T Sport and Focus ST thingy (just to remind myself why I realy, realy detest Fords)

Decided on the T Sport, fast but not crazy, firm but comfortable, sensible insurance premiums, understated looks and decent mpg.

1 year old motor, 10,000 miles, Carlo Blue, just the standard T Sport, 3 door and I pick it up Friday.

Been reading the forum a lot today and see posts regarding engine noise and radio/dash board vibration. I didn't notice either on my test drives of the T Sport but I'll keep an eye open for them when I get it home.


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Well done fella, welcome to the club I also own a CTS had mine 10 months and had the TTE lowering kit fitted last weekend and what a difference it has make to the car its handling has improved no end! If you want to ask any question please just ask. You will love the car, roll on Friday :thumbsup:


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Hello all!

Just picked up my Corolla Sportivo last week and it's running great. it's done about 750km and it's breaking in nicely. I got a great deal from Penrith Toyota (NSW, Sydney) for 29k. I absolutely love the leather interior.

Are there many Sydney-based members on this board?

I owned a 1989 Celica for 3years and loved it but my new Corolla is so much quicker. I notice understeer more in the corolla than in the Celica but straight line speed is pretty cool.


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