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Anybody Used Philips Blue Vision Bulbs


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just wondered if anybody has used philips blue vision bulbs before. are they any good and are the as bright or brighter than the stock bulbs? Found mtec cosmic blue rather dissapoiting. the philips get a good review on auto express

any help appreciated



Never try it as well.. but Osram night breaker was really good... much better than the stock... Philips extreme is also almost at the level of Osram or maybe much better... If you're after the brightness and not the looks... those two are the answers...

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i had them in the lex just before the hid's still got then in my fogs(never use the fogs)yes slightly brighter than stock but nothing to really write about ,and it pops up again....not as good as hid's.

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what sort of colour you after pure white ,white/blue, blue.??

im after one which give off a really white light like hid's do. i know they wont be as good. have mtec cosmic blue in at the mo and the colour is really nice but they are so dull its annoying me now.

any ideas?

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go on ebay and order a 6k or 8k HID kit mate you really wont be dissapointed and they will give you the exact light/colour your after.

10k hid headlight kit.


on the left(blue)10k hid's on the right 100w bulbs


(look a lot bluer in the photo than they really are).

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I think there's a higher risk to get into troubles when using temperatures higher than 6000K. I suggest you to buy a set of 6000K, you will get a bit blueish but very white light. I guess that's what you'd like most. The ones installed to the cars at the factory are usually 6000K so your lights won't look too custom and suspicious. You might even pass your MOT very easily without fitting back universal bulbs.

Best regards, Alex

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