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Rav 4.2 D4d Service


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Hi All

Im getting wildly varying quotes for a 40k service on our '05 D4D. We are in Wiltshire. Does anyone know of any decent indpependents - or could you let me know what you guys ahve paid for this service and what it involves (again this is varying with some saying the gearbox Oil needs replacing and some saying it doesnt ! ?)

Many Thanks


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here you go




ST16 3DA

Telephone : 01785 255921

Fax :

Vehicle Details

RAV4 Toyota RAV4 Car, 2.0 , Estate , Manual g/box , 5 Speed , Diesel , Inj., Turbo , 4cyl. , DOHC , 16v , 4WD , RHD , 1995 cc

Year : 2005

40000 miles Service


001 Check alarm operation

002 Check brake pedal freeplay and parking brake travel

003 Check brake pedal and servo operation - report

004 Check operation of combination meter warning lights (ignition on bulb check)

005 Check correct operation of all exterior lights

006 Check clutch for pedal clearance, operation and slipping

007 Check steering wheel freeplay, security

008 Check operation of horn, all washers and wipers

009 Check condition of windscreen

010 Check condition of seat belts and SRS airbag covers - report

011 Check air conditioning filter (where applicable)

012 Replace Battery in remote locking

013 Release fuel lid

Outside/Under Bonnet

014 Inspect all light lenses for damage and security

015 Inspect body and glass for corrosion and damage - report

016 Remove spare wheel/tyre (where applicable)

017 Check and inspect fuel cap

018 Check condition of all Wiper Blades - report

019 Check valve clearances, audibly with stethoscope (every 4 years/30,000 miles, adjustment at extra cost)

020 Check security and condition of the Battery and terminals - report

021 Check brake fluid level and condition - report

022 Top-up washer fluid

023 Check power steering fluid level

024 Check clutch fluid level and condition - report

025 Check brake and clutch master cylinder and brake servo for security and leakage

026 Check coolant level and strength - report

027 Check all visible hoses, pipes and connections for leakage and condition - report

028 Check/inspect air filter

029 Replace air filter (every 4 years/30,000 miles)

030 Check condition and security of drive belt

Vehicle Raised

031 Drain engine Oil

032 Replace Oil filter

033 Drain coolant (after 3 years/40,000 miles, thereafter every 2 years/20,000 miles - Long Life Coolant only, at extra cost)

034 Replace rear differential Oil

035 Check and inspect exhaust system and mountings for security and leakage

036 Check and inspect fuel lines, connections and vapour control

037 Check brake (and clutch, where applicable) system pipes, hoses and connections for condition and leakage

038 Check manual transmission oil level

039 Check and inspect ball joints

040 Check and inspect driveshaft boot covers

041 Check tightness of driveshaft bolts

042 Check propshaft joint for security and tightness

043 Check front and rear suspension for security, leakage and correct operation

044 Check steering system for correct operation, security and leaks

045 Check and report on brake pads and discs

046 Check and report on brake linings and drums including handbrake drums, clean out dust - adjust as necessary

047 Check and report on tyre wear, damage - adjust pressures

048 Check general condition under the vehicle; visible leaks, excessive corrosion and damage - report

049 Full 4-wheel alignment check (adjustment at extra cost)

050 Replace brake fluid (every 2 years)

Vehicle Lowered & Final Inspection

051 Refill engine oil

052 Refill engine coolant (if applicable)

053 Replace fuel filter (every 6 years/40,000 miles, at extra cost)

054 Re-install spare wheel/tyre (where applicable)

055 Torque tighten all wheel nuts

056 Carry out diesel smoke test (every 4 years/30,000 miles)

057 Final check of all levels - top-up as necessary

058 Final inspection for leaks

Technician comments:

Technician signature:

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