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The Little Corolla That Won !


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I went to the SCC 3rd Annual Car & Truck Show in Sanford , FLA.

Well this was a very good show a lot of muscle cars and people.

When i get to the show only Muscle Cars were here ,NO imports at all , everyone started staring at me while i cruised through with my car and whispering to themselves . i just held my head up high and keeped going. As soon as i get my spot and stop the car a lot of people started coming over. i get out put the hood up and the car said it all . Got alot of respect from a lot of oldschool muscle heads ( not like the import guys that keep talking trash). 2. Well its trophy time the category went best 20 cars as they were calling out the # of each persons car A friend of mine here`s # 106 come to the front and bring your car. He came by and said, "yo they are calling you" . I was like WTF no they didn't man . He then tell`s me if you stop talking so much to everyone you would of heard them call your #. So again the announcer calls out the # and i heard mine`s , i couldn't believe it. And the funny thing about it all is that i was the only import that won(there were 10 more imports that came) . 19 muscle cars won and only 1 import. lol

here i am rolling in to get my award.


getting the trophy :yahoo::toast: . (the look on everyones face...... priceless. :D )


Time to roll out. :yahoo:


i even got a thumbs up from a guy driving a FORD GT that i followed to the show. ;)


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