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I`m A New Owner!


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:hokus-pokus: Also, is it Jerry with the beautiful blue that is on some posts?

If so, I would just like to say that your car is lovely.

Hi KatesFastRacer

Sorry mine's red. But hey mines lovely too dont you think :rolleyes: Also i'll like to welcome you to the club as well. Hope you like what you see here ;)


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Thank you for your ideas! I am kinda broke after buying mine too, but have nothing better to spend my money on. (whats better than my Yaris?!!)

Your car is lush too Jerry, God knows where I saw the blue one!

My Yaris is carribbean blue and is a GLS (?) from last year. Think I will spray my wing mirrors matching but have not a clue how to do anything else or where to get the colours from or anything!!

And I`ve been told that the easiest way to get a cd player in to my car is to get an autochanger. Is this true?!

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Oooooooooooh, that's a thing. I'm getting a Yaris in about a week, and the only thing I don't like about it is that the wing mirror's are black plastic ones but everything else is dark blue metallic.

Let me know how you get on spraying the wing mirrors and how you did it!! Or can you buy 'em from somewhere?


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