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Reasonable Costs Or A 'try On'?


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I've just left my car with a Toyota agent for a 20,000 mile service. It's a 2007 Rav 4 XT5 2.2 Diesal. I accepted a quote of £266 for the service and have just had a phone call suggesting that they also change the refrigerant and pollen filter for the air-con for a further £99. I declined but accepted a new pollen filter at £22. This is the first time I've used this agent, (the other one went bust!), so I'd like to know whether these are reasonable standard prices or an attempt on their part to avoid the fate of their predecessors.

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Got the same service done on mine a couple of weeks ago. Originally got quoted £260 odds, but played

one dealer off against the other and got it down to £220. This included the pollen filter.

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I was recently quoted £330 for my 80,000 mile service on my T180, and after asking for discount got the price down to £270 ! Simples ! This service does include change to the differential and gearbox oils, hence the higher price, but I've done it more for the dealer stamp and Toyota Service History ! Its all about resale.

As for the Cabin (pollen) filter, I was told I needed one, but refused, opting to purchase a genuine Toyota part from eBay for £13.45 delivered. No point in buying aftermarket bits, when genuine parts can be picked up for similar prices, just by shopping around.

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