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Bumper Mod For Intake


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Hey just finished off my bumper mod for an air intake. thought id share it with you, not seen it done before :D



as you can see iv fitted it to the air box so all air is drawn from the bumper, and secured with a piece of silicon hosing from my brothers old glanza :) iv also replaced the standard filter with a high flow K&N.

Iv definitely noticed a difference especially 40mph+

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That looks like an excellent professional work...its so clean & smooth..

One question though... doesn't this increase the chance of water going in to filters, since its so low?

I do agree that a lot of sports model cars do have similar air intakes as it appears from outside but, I am concerned about a closed pipe running directly into the filters....or it won't be any issue unless it floods.

Once again Excellent Job!

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I was thinking of getting my air from the higher up grill by the Badge? Any thoughts?

Is there an increased amount of dirt that get in? As for K&N filter I (and test prove) would show that the filter is not a significant bottleneck so I would stick with paper filter to be safe.

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the bumper can be split but has to come off to get to the clips. I did it in two parts, first drilled out the mesh, then used a rotary file to get the shape. its not as easy as i at first thought it would be as the bumper has a rubbery compound to it and melts very easily giving a very rough finish, even a very small file left scratches so i used a blow torch to burn the excess plastic making it hard enough to rub off. The red plastic underneath was just simply cut out. I went with this mod because i couldn't find anywhere behind the grill where there is room.

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