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Liquid Petroleum Gas


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Dear All

Just wanted to say to all the petrol Land Cruiser owners out there that I have had my 2003 Land Cruiser 4.0 litre automatic converted to run on LPG and am very pleased with the result and the fact that LPG gas pumps are increasing very quickly around the country. Shell and BP seem to be competing for this market and every time they renovate a site an LPG gas pump appears.

LPG is about 57p or less a litre - just about half price of petrol. Doesn't take too many tankfuls to completely pay for itself. Cost is about £2000 including VAT.

Found a marvellous small firm in Woking - Dual Fuel Systems, Unit 3 The Boundary Business Centre, Boundary Way, Woking - and they have real expert in the shape of ANDY MORREALE who is their Technical Guru - you won't be disappointed!!

Regards Simon5384

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Yes had Flashlube added. Also make sure you get Dual Fuel Systems to use PRINS conversion system - asking around this seems to be the best quality kit and the best result overall when fitted.

Hope it all goes well!

Regards Simon

PS Could anyone tell me the cheapest retailer of LPG gas?????

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