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Has Anyone Ever Changed Dash Bulbs On A E10/ae102 Corolla?


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As the title suggests I want to renew the bulbs in the dash of my Corolla GXi as they are very dim and my cousin reckons the bulbs may have blackened. Can I buy a kit from Toyota or any other suggestions? I seem to remember from an old car that there are green caps on the bulbs so I assume I could also change the colour?

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You cannot buy kits.

Toyota sell individual bulbs. There are many different ones, its not as simple as walking in and asking for the bulb behind fan controller for instance.

You need to remove the particular bulb first yourself and find out the watt rating, then go to Toyota dealer with your chassis number to make I.D easier.

Look at the EPC screen with them and I.D the right bilb, they will need to order them usually.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks peeps!

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as far as i no, there are 2 types of bulbs that go in...

1 is a 501 (same as the front side light)


and the other is a 74...


they are the 2 different 1s in mine (i have a 93 corolla saloon) ..

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