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89 Celica Speedo Cable Leak--help


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I have an 89 celica gt with cruise control. My speedometer cable started leaking a lot of oil. At first I thought it was just degraded grease oozing out but it keeps coming. I also replaced the upper portion (2-piece) of the cable thinking the new packed grease cable would stop any oil movement up the cable. I didn't make it 20 miles before all the grease had been pushed out of the cable and oil is now running out. It also does not look like transmission fluid as I would expect but could just be discolored from moving up the greasy cable. It is more of a dark carmel color. Anyone know what will fix the problem. I am concerned that just replacing both portions of the cable won't work if there is a seal I don't know about that keeps the transmission fluid pressure from pushing the grease out. Is the seal in the bottom portion of the cable? Or is there another seal/component that needs replacing. I have the two cable portions ordered (guess the previous upper portion is waste since all the grease is pushed out--????).

any help appreciated -- do you think only replacing the lower portion will work

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