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Avensis Alarm Problem


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my alarm had started going off randomly about every 2 hours after looking throughthe posts on here

i located and removed the siren (it is in front of the washer bottle below and behind the headlamp) and stripped it down expecting it to be corroded

but no sighns of corrosion in fact it looks like new

so dont know if it was the siren faulty

any ideas what it could be it has been fine up to last week then has just started going off randomly



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This type of problem can be caused by air movement in the car setting off the volume sensor. When leaving the car make sure there is nothing that can move such as pieces of paper as other vehicles pass by or by wind. Also switch the heater/climate control to recirculate and close ALL vents, this should stop any variations in air pressure within the car. Or of course you could try switching off the volume sensor and seeing if that helps.

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May be a long shot, but make sure that before leaving the car all safety belts have been rolled up properly.

Passengers, and specially kids, tend to just unlock them and drop them off and the mechanism may roll up slowly, or shockwise, afterwards.

Also, the safety belt types with pre-tensioning feature have a sensor that checks the tension on the belts at regular intervals and re-tension them if not completely rolled up.

I don't know about the Toyota alarm system, but the sensitivity of the various sensors may be programmable/adjustable.

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I had exactly the same problem as you with my 98 1.8 GS. Nothing looked corroded and I adjusted/lubed everything as already suggested. Leaving the siren unit unplugged solved all the problems and everything else worked perfectly. No more unhappy,wide awake neighbours.

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