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Egr Clean And Mpg

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Hello Auris owners i have folled the forum some time under the name cvalent but are unable to log in under that anyway back topic in hand EGR and MPG i read the blog from the member saying what probs he had with his D-4D and i had the same problem has them :(

i looked at the cleaning process they show so i waited till the vehicle had had its 40,000 mls service (i do about 500 to 560 miles per week)i did suffer with the Auris with poor MPG and a massive flat spot at about 1800-2000 RPM and the vehicle covers motorway mileage so i am a heavy mileage user

I did the clean out of the EGR valve and Manifold and checked on a weekly MPG and Flat spot The good news is the MPG has impoved from 49-50 mpg on a run to 53-54 but the best is i have now acheived is a full tank of fuel and that was brimmed to the neck (49 LTS) till the fuel light flashing and that was a full week including using the vehicle for 6 working days and the vehicle returned 605 mile to a tank of fuel this works out 56 mpg the can has now done 45,000 miles and its a 08 plate and this is the best it has retured during the 2 years i have had the vehicle i have go to admit i did have my doubts if this would improve the Auris MPG but it looks like it has :D

also i have changed Oil used in the service from mineral based Oil to semi synthetic Oil this might have improved the vehicles MPG and also Millers derv addative and use a K&N filter as well i have took a photo of the dash showing the MPG and the trip showing the fig will put this on the forum in the next few days :thumbsup:

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