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Hello every one, new to Toyota having jumped ship from Volvo :o

Was very happy with my "new to me" 53 plate 1.8 T3 S Avensis. Seems to be good solid car with plenty of room. Not quite to Volvo standard in fit and finish but better than many others. Like the shape of it, I find it quite elegant :eek: compared to some of the more angular recent car designs. The interior is quite somber again I like it non of the cheap silver Hi-Fi look found in others these days. All the switches match non of the random placed non matching switches found in Japanese cars of old :D Indeed it was the cabin that swung it for me along with a very good price for a low mileage (40K) approved used car from a main dealer.

Having said that I was dismayed to read on here about the burning Oil problem :angry: and sure enough in the little over 2k miles I have done since owning it the Oil had disappeared :crybaby: So I'm keeping an eye on it and thanking my lucky stars I went for the one at the main dealers and not my second choice at a small independent.

Pity this problem has come to light (mind you I'm glad I know now as I had no idea and would not had thought to check the Oil so soon having been used to using about a litre a year) I was enjoying my new car thinking Toyota were a quality brand, now I have lost confidence in it and waiting for the engine to go "pop" every time I go out :(

Interestingly looking through the Avensis forum it seems everybody has problems of all sorts with them, I'm not reading many good news stories on here :eek:

Anyway enough of my ramblings :blink: I will not be able to add to the knowledge but will be looking to learn from the forum and may be chip in were I can.


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Welcome to the club thumbsup.gif

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