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Corolla Speedo And Rev Counter Intermittent Fault

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I have a 1999 Toyota Corolla 1.3 se and it has started to do something strange with the speedo and rev counter in the sense that they sometimes dont work but if i tap the front of the clocks they start working again, my temp and petrol gauges are fine just the rev counter and speedo that do this Sometimes you will tap the clocks and they will work then when you are at the lights and set off it will do it again.

Today i took the clocks out and had a look at the circuit board but couldnt see anything loose or burnt out. It was just full of chips and resistors.

Just wanted to ask if this is a common problem as it seems strange that its doing this on both the speedo and rev counter and when I called the local Toyota dealler they said they would of gone for the speed sensor but they said it cant be this as the rev counter is playing up also and this gets its readings from somewhere else.

Just wondered if anyone here has heard of this and what else could i try - thanks.

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