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Quastion About Getting Body Kit


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i have 7th generation Black celica GT-S. i already full tune up the car and trying to buy a body kit for it.

What kind of body kit do you think i should get?

I live in the house with kindda massed up drive way.(and it also has big hill in drive way.) I was thinking about buying CELICA F1 STYLE BODY KIT( ) but i think it might got damaged from drive way.

I need you guys help to decide it.

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Gary man i hate you, i just saw the body kit you posted :blink: im gonna have to get me the kit now,if my cat and girlfriend starve to death, i hope you feel guilty.

PS got any other full size pics i can take a gander at.

OMg sounds like the Mac brigade :blink:

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sold the red one to help with a 5 bedroom house. If you mean how much spondoolees ...buga all! Considering she was fully kitted , alloyed etc and was 8 months old on 12k! Thats modifying though. Dont expect refunds!!!!!

The white one G7CEL (Gen 7 Celica) is a Jap ssII import.

Comes with loads of goodies you aint got....limited slip differential, electric folding mirrors, formula 1 style smt gear change buttons on stearing wheel etc etc

God your cat is gonna get skinny! lol

She has only done 28k and her plate hides her age so I cant give a ladies info away...lol But she was one of the earliest ever G7's.

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