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Does anyone know what to do about the slider for the front sun-roof (Manual) is stuck closed and i cannot seem to pull it across so i can open the sun-roof.

Anyone got any ideas that doesn't involve sticking something up the side as i don't want to damage it.

Also, i've read that i would need to put in a specific anti-freeze in rather then the standard that you would buy from from same Halfords? Is this true? If so where do i buy it from?

Cheers for any help

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I assume you mean sliding cover - all i did was to tap the underside sharp with hand

and it freed it ( 3-4 times)

and i have used standard antifreeze ( its a standard car engine ) but hopefully bad

weather now over :thumbsup: any help

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:yes: Thanks for that. I have managed to free the front sun-roof and my kids managed to dislocated the rear sunroof slider as well which i managed to do (took quite awhile).

As for the Anti-Freeze, thanks for that as it will save me looking around for the supposedly special one now.


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