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Runx Rsi


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Hi All... I have a RunX RSI 141kw - When doing around 210 km/h on 5th gear I get a buzzer like sound comming on which just starts getting louder.. Has anyone experienced this. ;) ;)

Sounds a bit like what they do for the seatbelt alarms... so it's probably telling you that you're going to fast :lol:

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That's weird! None of the RSi owners I know have mentioned it....

What I find on my car is that depending on the direction of the wind (and the speed of the car) there is sometimes an annoying noise related to airflow. Sometimes I hear it doing as little as 150kph, and a few weeks ago at 218kph I heard absolutely nothing.

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I take it you're from SA (with a RunX and all - not named as such in other countries). Shouldn't you only be doing a max of 120km/h?

:P :lol:

:D ..yeh right... only when the Cops are present... :thumbsup:

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I had the same noise and they replace the gearing shift cable, and it disapeared, no noise, had it 235 on the clock with 4 adults(male), quiet as can be expected at that speed. :eek:

Just love the Rsi, just ordered the new upgrade from Toyota, more power.


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