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Lucida Or Previa -

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Which is better. I've had two Lucidas and my partner wants me to get a previa. what is the difference as i'm looking now a car as my old one broke. boo hoo.

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Assuming MkI Previa

Previa is official UK car, so Toyota UK have it on the parts ordering system, there is even a Haynes manual available, but only a US edition you have to order from the US; Haynes wont sell it to you in the UK even though it is printed in Yeovil, Somerset!!

The Previa is wider than the Estima/Lucida, so wider seats in the back and a lot more space between driver and passenger seat up front.

Petrol only though, and mpg is not wonderful; 20mpg round town and 25-27 mpg on the motorway. Pulls well though, will leave a diesel Lucida trailing in its dust!!!

No park assist mirror.

Avoid GS unless you want a manual, the sunroof is a UK fit and the maker went bust, no spares or manual available for repairs.

My family have owned 5 MKI's and driven over 750,000 miles in them with only one roadside breakdown, the engines pull as well at 250,000 miles as they do new.

Manual is slightly faster, slightly more fuel efficient and more responsive for overtaking or accelerating up steep hills.

For MKII I cant help, it is front wheel drive and far less practical than the MK1; and less stable when fully loaded due to the FWD system (Can Understeer badly)

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Dunno about prev's being faster than lucidas becuse iv never had a prev but iv left enough standing at traffic lights... Maybe they was just waiting for the cloud of diesel smoke to clear so they could see where they was going before following? But who buys a mpv for its 0 to 60 times?

Couple of good points about the lucida being slimmer, it'll fit through smaller gaps in slow moving traffic, it'll go in a standard size garage (just about) and as loads get used as taxis there's loads of second hand parts about for them. Oh and a lot better mpg.

the thing I want to know is why does your bf want a prev? If there's a good reason then get one of them.

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I've had 2 previas - the first bought new in 1994 and had the twin sunroofs. Sold it, and missed it so much that I bought a 1997 7 seater Previa. Both were good, but I must say I like the captains chairs and the 2 behind the drivers seat that can swivel round.

I tried the newer previa and the ford galaxy - both front wheel drive and found them scary to drive (understeer)

The Previa feels perfect to drive - well balanced and happy cornering - dunno if the lucida would be as stable?

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I've had a Spacecruiser (which was murder for spares being an import) and two UK Previas (M & P reg) which have proved reliable and comfortable to drive. The last one is at an age where I need to keep on top of servicing and odd things are now going on it (heater rad, head gasket, exhaust) due to age. It runs really well especially on long journeys. My wife tried a manual and found the gear change too heavy so we opted for an auto.

Parts are not a problem as Toyota can still supply them so taking it for a service doesn't mean waiting weeks for the garage to find a required part. There will come a time when they stop but I believe it's a few years off yet.

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