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Firefighters Save Cow Stuck In Bog


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Firefighters had to dig out a cow and pull it free after it got stuck in a bog.

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service was alerted at 7.10am on Sunday by two bird watchers who discovered the cow at Woolmer Common, Bordon, Hampshire.

Animal rescue specialist Buster Brown attended the scene along with three fire crews who had to reach the cow on foot because it was away from the nearest road.

Mr Brown explained it was necessary to dig away part of the wet bog land to give the cow some grip before it was pulled free.

He said: "It appeared the heifer had become detached from its herd and was grassing in the wet bog area when it slipped into a ditch filled with water.

"The animal's hind legs had sunk into the wet peat and it was unable to get out on its own.

"After a short period of pulling the animal was removed from the bog and allowed to rest.

"It was then pulled further away from the bog to good ground where it was placed in the recumbent position, in-line on its belly. At this time the animal appeared to become more alert."

A fire service spokesman said the RSPCA were also at the scene and a vet administered medication and analgesia to enable the animal to recover from its ordeal.

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Silly cow.Thought this was a load of bull.Raist,I thought,pull the udder one.Then,I thought there's no need to beef on about it.Perhaps Raist deserves a pat on the back after all :rolleyes:

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Good to see you Steaking a claim in the post,

Although any more rudeness and I will give you a swift kick in the Loin, You can Shank on that...

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Health and Safety officials from the HSE are to investigate what happened and all the events leading up to this tragedy waiting to happen.

Local experts said it could only happen in England. HSE legislation for farm animals is a bit of a slop out, and government spokesmen believe this incident will generate a massive number of compensation claims.

Should you know of any cows with possible compensation claims please call the Accident Helpline, where experienced claims udderwriters await your call.

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Ok,calf down.You keep churning these posts out.Dairy carry on or shall I shed up :unsure:

Best to recognise yer clotted cream and visit Tesco (BOGOF)

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