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Mr2 Mk3 Gearbox Bearings Shot


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Hi folks

I've owned my 2001 Mk3, 72000 miles, for three years with no real problems, but recently the gearbox has started knocking loudly when in gear. The garage says the gearbox bearings need replacing so I'm looking at different options. I guess it boils down to swap the bearings, get a recon box, or get a used box. In all cases I have to get the box out, or pay someone to do it. So my questions are whether taking out and re-fitting the gearbox is a feasible DIY job and whether it would be more reliable to switch the bearings or go for a fully reconditioned unit (if these can be got hold of at a reasonable cost).

Thanks in advance for any pointers.

Chris (in Denmark)

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If you are confident that you can remove and refit the box yourself then I'd suggest that you do it as that is a major labour killer.

If you get the bearings replaced then you have no guarantee that nothing else was damaged and so the cycle may continue.

If you go for a reconditioned box then you are able to be sure everything is fine as long as you can trust that the seller actually did the job, which is the downside if you cannot find anyone reputable.

If you go for a used box there is a danger that the seller is telling porkies about it's condition and it could be near death too. Again your problem will be trying to find a reputable seller to get you one.

Your best bet when it comes down to trust, safety, reliability and knowledge of its condition is to buy a brand new unit from Toyota themselves. But the obvious problem with that of course is Toyotas massive prices!

I personally would go with Toyota if I couldn't find one from a mate whom I trusted or a very reputable seller. But that's not to say you can't find some decent gems. Just look for the cars history and try to suss how you think the owner used to drive the box before he took it apart. If the engine has been blown up hence the sale then you can be pretty certain that the box hasn't had an easy life....

Hope this helps...

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