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What's It Really Worth


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Although I enjoy my little car a job change means I have to swap it for something bigger. I have been stunned by the offers on trade in that I have been given. After buying it and knowing it's one of the slowest depreciating cars out there I wasn't that concerned. Until I actually got some offers ! Its a 56 Grey +, 3 door with 25k on the clock. A citroen dealer valued it yesterday at £3k. Apparently its know one of the least wanted cars second hand after the scenic and clio. He couldn't explain the fact he had an 07 C1 on the forecourt for £5.5k.

Anyhow I think I am a realistic guy but what is really worth? Any help would be great.


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I take its, its an MR2 mk3?

Have you looked on autotrader? W reg ones with upto 80,000 miles are going for £3K! I would have thought about double that as a private sale.

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I find this site useful. Can't spot a 3dr MR2, but the most basic 2dr with that year/mileage seems to be worth about £7k.


I sold my immaculate BMW 5 series touring privately for exactly TWICE what dealers were offering me for it. I then went to an auction and bought my current Prius, the whole exercise saved me £5k on what I'd have paid had I just traded in!

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torch it. It will save the planet and someone with a poor sense of pride buying it.

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