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Why Is It Impossible To Get A New Seat?

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i hope someone out there can put some sense on this for me perhaps someone on this site works at the Toyota factory and can explain.

I have a seat issue on my new T4 Avensis tourer where is moves slightly on acceleration and braking.

I have asked for a new seat as the car is new and having had previous experience of a seat repair it was never the same.

Toyota customer relations are dealing this following a letter i wrote to Miguel Fonseca so they are anxious to see me a happy customer.

i was initially told that they would get me a new seat complete and send it through but there is no part number for this i was then told they would contact the factory where car is made and get me a seat perhaps made up by someone at the factory with experience or a fully assembled seat.

i have just had a call from the dealership saying it is not possible to get a new seat so i asked if they could get the parts and assemble me a new seat (my fear is that being leather it will stretch and never be the same)

anyway i am told that it is not possible to get the parts for a new seat.

i cannot believe this, what if the car was involved in an accident and it had blood over the seat and damage surely the car would not be written off because it is not possible to get a seat.

when the problem first arose the car was 3 weeks old it is now 7 weeks old so i do not consider it unreasonable to expect new parts.

Does anyone on here work at the factory or know why there should be a problem.

Toyota are trying hard to make me happy so it is not a cost issue just seems to be difficult to get the new seat or the components for a new seat.

any information much appreciated.

By the way it may be that on removal it is not the seat and in fact the running gear and base which comes complete so i am just trying to get my facts straight before any further discussions.

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May not be of help to you, but i had my car passenger seat thrashed some years ago on a vauxhall, they too would not supply a single seat but would all of them. Reason for this i was informed they could not match a single seat to the orignals, this was done to mine on an insurance claim maybe the same with toyota having to match all seats colours hence no part number available on a single seat but might be on a batch number.

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I had that years ago, where something internal snapped inside the passenger seat.

As my wife only weighs 54 Kg, and noone else ever sat on that seat, it was an obvious construction flaw.

For the same reason as in this Topic, Peugeot could not deliver a new passenger seat.

The car was out of warrenty, they were very sorry, but had no solution.

In despair I suggested them to replace both seats then.

They never thought of that. :eek:

Problem solved, 2 new seats for free and a bunch of flowers... for the inconveniences. :yes:

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