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Low Fuel Light


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Hi all

Trying to work out my MPG on my TR 1.33 and the average figures still make no sense to me so still trying to change my driving style and take advice from this forum so I apologise if this question has been answered prieviously but does anyone know how much mileage on average is left when the low fuel light flashes if I look at my possible milage left it reads at about 30 miles what are members experiences with this?? Are they accurate or is there a lot more left than the readout tell me ???


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Well I have the 1.33 and find the following,

The "Average mpg" reading which I reset each fill up is amazingly accurate when checked doing a brim to brim fill. Withing 0.5 mpg of the calculated figure consistently. And that figure is around 50 to 51 mpg.

When I fill up I can go 160 or more miles before the top bar on the gauge goes out... why gauges these days can not be linear is beyond me with all the computer power to work out levels accurately.

As to the low fuel light... don't normally go that low but when I picked the car up I followed the salesman a mile or so to garage to fill up and the yellow warning triangle (not sure if audible warning too) was flashing as well, it was that low.

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with all the Jap Cars it seems to be the light comes on when there is around 10litres left in the tank. You then need to figure out how much of this 10 litres is not usable, and in the case of the Auris it seems to be very little perhaps under 0.5 litres, but I am not sure.

SO if you work on having 9 litres of fuel, then you can work out against your fuel consumption , how long you have got to run...

In my diesel, I have managed 72 miles on one occasion before I chickened out... assume 40mpg and this is just under 2 gallons of fuel or 9 litres, so I think you should be safe with this estimate.

(That is unless there is a huge difference between petrol and diesel fuel tanks which I very much doubt. )

Jap cars will over-warn to ensure you do not run out of fuel ( a very annoying and bad experience for the drivers.

Word of warning, don't run your car out of fuelto test this out, you'll risk damaging CAT's , aside from the inconvenience side of things...

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Reading the manual it says for the 1.6 Dual ( must be the same with all Auris ) that when the LOW FUEL warning is on then we have 8.3 liters of fuel left.

Work out your Km on how you drive.


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  • 3 months later...

On my 1991 Toyota Corolla 4WD Wagon (All Trac in US) I had to replace a fuel tank strap and was asked to empty the fuel tank as much as possible before fitting (with only one fuel tank strap holding was getting a strong petrol/gas smell parked in garage on full tank, but no smell after 150KM driven).

I drove 55KM after orange fuel gauge warning light appeared and after fuel tank strap was fitted I filled 47.625L into 50L tank.

I would also point out that these fuel tank straps cost $175 each here in Canada but was able to find them for $28 (left strap) and $43 (right strap) through Russian website www.megazip.ru - package arrived with OEM Toyota parts + nuts & bolts shipped directly from Japan ($17 shipping charge - arived in 12 days).

Would really recommend this website, but you have to navigate Russian screens when ordering. They have full schematics for each Toyota vehicle and part numbers.

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