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verso pain

Toyota Liars

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Hi Guys

I am sure I have already been in here before ranting about this but the final straw has occurred and I am livid. Struans Dundee are the culprit. I also want some technical advice as I was thinking of fitting a shim to fix my problem.

TO cut a long story short I bought a 2008 verso SR diesel

From the day I bought it it pulled heavily to the left

took it back to toyota

Was told It was tyre pressures

Got it back still pulled heavily to the left took it back

it was the camber on the road and the car is very camber sensitive

Still pulled heavily to the left camber had an effect but only small as I tested it on many roads some with severe camber.

Took it to a hunter equiped alignment specialist

they told me the rear offside is out but isnt adjustabel as its fixed and this is causing the pull.

I went back to toyota armed with this info and they promised to book it in and said as it was a fixed rear axles I would have the axle replaced under warranty.

After a long wait for the "part" it was put in for the day.

I got it back with a alignment printout saying all was fixed.

it wasnt, still pulled ot the left they just couldnt be ubikd fixing it. What is the point in a warranty at all?

This is thrashing my tyres as well so after fitting new tyres I took it back to the hunter equipped specialist. Rear toe is still out toyota done nothing and lied ot my face. Shocking and disgraceful. This is the shortened version, I have had more aligment checks done at my expense than every other car I have owned combined.

So having given up on toyota after many years the thing that annoyed me the most was the lying. I can handle a broken car as it can be fixed but to lie to me to get rid of me is truly shocking.

So As an aftermarket fix I can get a shim fitted to correct the rear toe and have a car that at least drives properly. Can any of you techy guys advise me on the best way to go about this? I dont care about voiding the warranty as it isnt worth the paper its written on.

As for Struans Toyota if they read this they know what they done.

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Sorry to hear of your problems but I do know that the model Verso you have did have quite a well known tendency to pull to the nearside.

I`m sure one owner had success with a change in the make of the tyres he had fitted.

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