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Head Problem

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Early 2.2 diesels could suffer from a head gasket problem. What is it doing?

BTW - welcome to the club

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Hi rian

Join the club, I have a 03 2 Ltr D4D thats been bubbling air into the header tank for weeks, runs great an doesn't overheat so I'm burying my head in the sand at the moment.

Looks like head crack or gasket thats gone and its a massive job, about £600 if its a gasket, and god knows what if its the head, of course you won't know until its in bits in the garage, then they have you by the b***s.

Good luck.

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welcome to the forum! I don't need much of an excuse to come out to Malta - love Gozo!

anyway, as said, the diesels have been known to have head probs... altho in your hot climate, I guess the engine is working hard to remain cool so to speak. Is the coolant level going down / is it blowing coolant out/ or is the colour of the water kinda milky??

Has the car lived in Malta from new?? Have you tried using anti-freeze to enhance the cooling ( alters the boiling point I think) - or perhaps the thermostat is sticking?

question - would a head problem not show up on a compression test of each cylinder?

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