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Installing Cruise Control On 1.8 Vvti, Model T25 2008, Facelift

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Hi everyone,

When I bought my Avensis 2 years ago i couldnt get cruise control. Now i am trying to buy it and install it. I could get cruise control hand switch for 100 euro in Toyota Croatia, or buy it from ebay much cheaper. In Toyota Croatia( I am from Croatia) they dont install it, because they don't know how and of course and they said it is not intended to be installed. So i wil try to do that by myself with help of You members.

Do I need something else for instalation, or the switch is only I need. I looked behind steering wheel where swith must fit but I don't see outside mark on the plastic behind the wheel. If i buy from Ebay which switch do i need to take.

Please help!!!!

Sorry all about my bad english


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Just get a good quality aftermarket Cruise Control.

For instance, Search for "Gold Cruise" or go here:

I have one on my Avensis, and it works perfectly.

If necessary, send them an email to request dealer addresses in your country.

Be carefull with cheap stuff from ebay though, installation must be done by a professional.

The cruise control interfaces with the Avensis' onboard computer and installation and "teaching" the unit takes a couple of hours.

If not good quality or installation not done properly, a cruise control becomes dangerous!

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Thx for info, but I would rather like to put original switch and necessary wires etc. But if it's not possibile, I will install aftermarket product.

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