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Installing A Stereo In A Yaris (2001)

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I want to install a Sony Stereo/CD/Radio player in my Toyota Yaris (2001). The 2001 Yaris does not have a CD Player and that is the reason.

I have purchased a Toyota ISO Lead Wiring Harness Adaptor Loom (PC2-17). This fits perfectly on the Stereo End of the Sony.

I have opened the panels etc on the Yaris and extracted to existing Radio/Cassette player.

It is Model No 86110 - 52021.

I know I am supposed to transfer cables entering this Toyoto radio/cassette palyer onto the Loom. However, at first sight the cables sockets for the Toyota Player seem not to be compatible with my Loom. However I could be wrong.

What I want to know is as follows: Should the cables entering the radio in the 2001 Yaris, (manufactured, I believe in Japan) fit into the Loom? If the answer is yes, I will look at it again and try to figure it out.

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Hey EamonX1,

I don't know about the 2001 model so can't answer directly. There used to be an "Important Topics" section pinned to the front page of the Yaris forum and that had some great walkthroughs for doing this, I used them to do it in a 2004 model. I think that area has gone since they moved to the new forum system but perhaps someone else might know where they're hiding if they've not been lost for good.

Using the search box on the Yaris forum to look for install player brings back 70 odd old threads. Maybe sifting through some of those might answer your qustion.

Finally, if you don't get any joy here, there's a seperate "Audio/Video/Electronics" forum on here which covers more than just the Yaris but perhaps someone over there might be able to help.

Hope you get it sorted,


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Thanks for advice. Incidentally I discovered that the loom does connect properly with the Sony CD/radio player. So I'll have another go at the other connection. However I will certainly follow the advice and search those threads - and will get back to you. May take a few days as I am away

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Unless you have got the correct equipment, I would have got a used cd from a higher spec Yaris that would have just swapped around with your cassette player. That was only fitted to low spec cars as cassettes were die-ing out by then, as are cd's now!

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At last I succeeded in installing the Sony CD/Radio. The Toyota loom which I bought was in fact the correct adapter. I made a mess of it the first time out, but got it right the second time. Thanks for help. Part of the mess-up was my confusion about which exactly was the Toyota installed Radio. There was another item which resembled a radio (not sure what it was, but it was not the radio) - and so its connections did not match the loom adapter. However second time round I located the Radio and everything went fine. Sorry for my ignorance, but thanks for your help and advice. In the end it worked.

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