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Sorry To Bore You All But...


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I have a 2001 Yaris 1.3 sr with 150k on the clock.

I have only just bought the car but seem to be getting much lower mpg than i was expecting (30 mpg!!), and i was just wondering if this is normal or is it due to the high miles or something else?

I have fully serviced it with new plugs, air and oil filters, fresh oil and i always keep an eye on the tyre pressures but i cannot get any higher than 30mpg. I dont race the car at all and it seems to be running fine.

I thought about changeing the fuel filter etc but would this help that much.

Any advice at all would be very much appreciated.


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It may be running rich due to failed engine temperature sensor..

Check the output voltage when engine is cold and hot... there should be a difference...

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Hi Gawley and welcome to the forum! :)

Seems strange that you can't get over 30mpg, i regularly get 38/48mpg normal driving and even 50+ sometimes.

Check the ETS as Madfish says and let us know.

150k may seem high mileage to some people but if the car is regularly serviced, the mileage should not be an issue.

Have you checked the front/rear brakes for binding? i guess you probably have after saying you serviced it. :thumbsup:

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Reset the ECU, either by pulling the fuse or disconnecting the Battery. Then drive very economically for a while, the ECU will learn this style of driving.

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Thanks Guys and thanks for the welcome to the forums, i am getting it looked at this weekend and will mention to the mechanic what you guys have said. Will let you know how it goes.

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