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First Corolla


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New to the forum, and new to Toyotas.

Just got myself a Corolla 1.8 GXI from an auction, seems it already has a modified manifold/exhaust and induction. Also noticed it has an oil cooler whether this is factory or after-market, I have no idea.

Though the interior looks neglected, and the first thing I would like to change is the dashboard. I've searched all over the internet for a white dial kit and have yet to find one. If anyone has one or knows a supplier, that would be great!

I've heard vinyl dye is the best thing to use to re-colour the dashboard, if anyone has any experience with this, i'd be most grateful. As for the plastic parts of the dashboard, can they simply be spray painted?

One thing that is worrying me about the car is that when I start it in the morning it idles at around 1500, and even once it's warmed up it is idling at around 1100-1200, I don't think this is normal. What could be causing this?

Thanks in advance


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hello and welcome, oil cooler is standard mate, the si model has white dials standard so might be worth getting some of those, if the dash is that bad i would change it tbh, un sure on high idle might have an air leak :thumbsup:

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Hiya pal and welcome! :)

nice to see another gxi owner on here, what colour?

Get si dials as they look great, maybe the idle could be sorted with a nice service, fuel/oil filter some good oil, leads and plugs etc.

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