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Apline Head Unit And Broken Speaker


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Hi all a couple of probs that some one might be able to help with?

In my Surf Ive got an Apline head unit thats started to play up. When I put the faceplate in the Speakers crackle once but dont play. Audio appears on the EQ but no sound :( What you think, internal amp blown? Im not using any preouts so I cant test them.

Secondly the TSport I bought has a busted driver side speaker. Am I right in saying as the tweeter still works that the cable should be ok and the speaker is probably blown?

cheers guys

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If you willing to lose the H/U for a few weeks, you can send it back to Alpine for a sevice/repair.

They can check and diagnose the H/U, and fix it for you.

I've used this service in the past, and found it very helpful and good.

From the last time i used them, it was on a fixed price policy, so non-multimedia H/U was something like £55 + VAT, and for H/U with multimedia was something like £89 + VAT.

Please don't quote me about the prices, you need to phone them up and ask them yourself, and see what they say.


As for your Speakers, you need to check the speaker itself, and see if the wiring to the tweeter has been split somewhere, and not been feed into a crossover point somewhere.

You could try and check to see if the speaker is blown, check it by using a multimeter on an ohms setting, but otherwise, time to buy a new set of Speakers then.



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cheers mate - think I might sell my Cd changer (S634 like yours) to fund another HU anyway.

to test the Speakers do I just test across the terminals? If I need new Speakers ill prob go with some cheapish components and dynamat the doors!

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