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Which Tyres ?


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Hi everyone i have just brought a 07 Prius t-spirit and the family a i love it.

It is due four new tyres soon and with the weather changing dont really want the family driving around on low tyres .

Are there any tyres people can point me in the direction of...

Thank you for any help ..Damian

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Tyres are one of those things that are down to personal preference.

I personally would always recommend branded tyres rather than obscurely named imports from China or India. Remember, tyres are your only contact with the road!

Also, the low rolling resistance tyres work well with the Prius and they do work saving more than their extra cost in their lifetime.

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My old (08) Gen II had its tyres changed at a bit over 40,000 (front) and under 50,000 (rear) from the original Bridgestones to Micheln Energy Savers. There wasn't a lot of difference until all the rears were changed, so that the Energy Savers were on all round. Then the reduction in tyre noise was remarkable.

It's just had it's 80,000 service, and there seems to be plenty of life left in the tyres, so wear is at least as good, if not better, than the original Bridgestones.

Another option I'm considering for the Gen III are from Kumho. I replaced a full set of Michelin Primacy tyres on a current model Honda Civic diesel with these. They were significantly quieter than the Michelins, didn't appear to be wearing faster, and had just as good roadholding. They are a lot cheaper than the Michelins. However, I don't think the present ones will need replacing for at least another 10,000, So I'll defer that decision for a few months yet.

The other thing that may interest you is that the Gen II is still on its original brake pads, and looks like staying that way for some long time yet to come. No suggestion of impending change at its 80,000 service.

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As has been said, much depends on personal preference. However, Michelin Energy Savers are always well reviewed and I have always been satisfied with them.

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I bought Kumho all year/summer tyres recently and they seems to be ok even in this weather conditions. I used to have a dunlops and they were as good as kumhos.


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I also switched to Michelin Energy Savers on my 2007 Prius. I have used them on several cars and find them a good all round tyre. Shop around I made a large saving doing this. Some quotes I got were up to £50 a tyre dearer than I eventually paid. Recently I have found ATS have always been able to give me the lowest price on Michelins.

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