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T Sport Knocking?


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I've noticed a knocking noise coming from the engine, possibly the top. Really noticeable when cold but you can still hear it when its warmed up.

Any ideas what it could be?

Here's a video




HI Stewart

I have an 06 1.6 SR petrol and a few weeks back i noticed the same sounds...exactly as yours does...and i've never heard that like tapping sound before...but as i was carrying out a full service that morning...i noticed after changing my spark plugs the sound went away completely! According to a friend mechanic its normal for a toyota engine to sound like that on cold morning start ups! Sorry i aint of much help but it may be nothing much to worry about!


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Doesn't sound healthy unsure.gif

Mine's loud but doesn't have the tractor style noise of yours

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Hard to say without hearing for real... correct oil used ? Genuine filter with anti drain valve ?

I had a TSport for 8 years and had trouble with the auxilliary belt tensioner pulley after only 3 years, it was noisy. Going from memory now but it was the metallic "brass" looking one. I trickled engine oil (not much... (put some on the end of a screwdriver to get it there) down the outer face so that it found it's way in the bearing, just keep wiping the bottom of pulley with cloth for a few minutes to catch any that runs down. Also did the same to the other black pulley. That was at 3 years old, I kept the TSport for another 5 with not a murmer :)

Yours sounds a bit more tappety tbh, but can't say for sure.

Edit... fuel injectors can be noisy too.

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Have you had any servicong recently? Checked your engine oil level?no signs of leaks under the vehicle? Changed your spark plugs recently?

Other thing to do. Is get a long screwdriver. Put the handle to your ear and the metal end at different points on the engine like the head, block, aux tensioner etc.

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