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Asking For A Replacement Gearbox


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Testdrove the car (secondhand 1.3 manual) and liked it. I didn't like the slight crunch from 1st to 2nd but the salesman said service would look into it. They cameback to me and confirmed it needed a new part and it would be fitted/sorted before the sale was completed.

Looking on here it seems there is a common fault and only a new gearbox with modified part would work?

I really don't want to have multiple trips backwards and forwards whilst they hope I'm ground down and 'accept it'.

I'm not really the type who can be told its a 'feature of the particular car' (that would go down badly as any car that had done that to me previously would be marked down as needing a replacement or rebuild).

Experience? What do I need to do? Just approach Toyota GB directly- does anyone have an email?

Car is a 08/23k on a 12months approved warranty. Of course, the fault has already been recorded pre-sale so I could always go down another legal rejection-route however I like the car apart from that.

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You don't have the right to demand a new gearbox, but you do have the right for a satisfactory repair and to fix the fault. Goods must be of a satisfactory quality, to a standard that "a reasonable person would regard as satisfactory" taking into account the price paid and any description

The best way forward, as with any complaint, is to sit down with the dealer and discuss your concerns, try and work out a timeline for a satisfactory repair, also ask what happens next if the repair is not satisfactory. Be firm but polite, he who shouts loudest does not always get what he wants!

If you write to Toyota, all they will do is ask the dealer to report back, so always best dealing with your dealer first, and then if you don't feel you are getting anywhere, you could then write to them.

Going down the legal rejection route is not easy, and it may cost you money, you like the car but not the gearbox fault, so try and avoid rejecting it and go for a satisfactory repair. If you feel the repair is NOT satisfactory, you could ask for an independant assessment of the car and gearbox from one of the motoring organisations, you would have to pay for this OR you could ask the dealer to do it on your behalf. If it went down the rejection route, you would need to do this anyway, it will cost you, but if you win you could claim it back. Best not go there if you can avoid it

Kingo :thumbsup:

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Thanks Kingo.

The rest of the car I am happy with. I'll start a dialogue with them. I assumed that as their technician had agreed with the fault/ordered the part that that would have been the end of it/sorted.

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Have they tried to repair it but it has not worked?

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Yes- on the test drive the crunch/noise was audible. They cameback to me (via email) to confirm that the Technician had noted it needed a replacement part (then fitted).

It seemed to work for the evening that I had picked it up. The next morning it was a noticeable resistance - accompanied with an occassional clunk.

I am no technical-wizard however I do have a great deal of sensitivity to anything mechanical on a car. I !Removed! knew my bushes/drop link was on its way out way before it flagged up as a MOT notable on my previous car :)

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There is a fault with 1.3 gearboxes...it needs an internal part changing (a shim or washer if I remember) It is documented elswehere on this forum. Toyota issued a modification bulletin which even some Toyta dealers were not aware of.

Good Luck!

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It was the complete gearbox selector shaft that was replaced as a Toyota Service Bulletin on 2008 1.3 gearboxes.

There was a batch where the shaft was machined half a mm too narrow and it caused the synchromesh rings not to work properly - hence the crunch.

The replacement selector shaft has completely cured the issue on many of our 2008 Yarii on this forum. It should be as sweet as a hot knife through butter after the mod - both of mine are...

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Its fairly simple from where im sitting

Of course its easy to say from many millions of miles away in my comfy computer chair on the good ole internet.

However heres how i see the situation from what you say, you noticed a fault on test drive and the

garages workshop acknowledged there was a fault which they said they would rectify.

You picked up car and all seemed to be fine, but following morning symptoms returned, therefore we can safely assume

theres a fault with the car. They should therefore fix the problem under warranty - should they fail to do so its worth bringing up

the fact that there was/is a common fault with the gearbox on the 08 model Yaris 1.3.

One more thing - if the dealer goes down the route of suggesting that "they all do that sir/madame" ask can you drive

another Yaris 1.3 similar to yours (preferably an 08 seeing as the common fault appears to effect 08s only from the replies the

guys have given you already).

Best of luck with the car and hopefully you will get the fault fixed

Red diesel

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  • 2 weeks later...

Just an update:

The Technician admitted that its as good as it gets.

I successfully rejected the car on the basis that the car was not of satisfactory quality.

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Well done hora.

That is what one should do.

Can you tell us, for how long did you own the car./miles driven?

And did you have any problems with the dealer?


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