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Under Body Protection For The Urban Cruiser


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Does anyone know if there is an under body protection kit for an AWD Urban Cruiser?

Various car magazine reviews say there are black under body panels covering the complete underside available as an option, but theres nothing like that listed in Toyota's literature, and I cant find on the web.

My UC is doing a certain amount of tobogganing in the snow - would be good to fit under body protection. Perhaps I could also fit sled runners.

Any replies appreciated


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Hi Richard, I think the item you are refering to is the "side and wheel-arch protection kit", which in most EU countries comes on the "Sol" model with AWD.

The problem you have with Toyota GB is that they (Toyota) actually make 3 versions of the U/C but we only get 2 in the UK. We don,t get the 1.4 diesel with 2-wheel drive.

You can buy the Over-fender kit(to give it,s correct title) from Kingo but it is quite expensive (getting on for £450), and all it is basically stuck on plastic. The thing that does annoy me about Toyota Uk sometimes is they don,t let us have the chance to buy these things at point of manufacture, a example in question is heated front seats, available in most Northern European countries but not the UK.

What makes me smile is if you go onto the Toyota ie site (Southern Ireland) most of these products are available on their Toyota range,including the IQ with a 1.4 D4D engine which Toyota UK have never brought into the UK for that paticular make of car.

Anyway I,ll get off my soap-box now. Just glad to see someone else is on the U/C forums besides me and my Dad

Regards Clare

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