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Buying A Mk2 Supra

Mike Renaut

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I'm new here so apologies if this has already been covered and I've missed it, but I'm searching for information on the Mk2 Supra, specifically what to look for when buying one.

What are the mechanical issues? Where do they rust? How much are they worth in restorable / MOTed / Mint condition? Stuff like that.

I can't seem to find anything online, especially with reference to UK spec cars.

Can anyone help?



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I take it you are talking about a MA61 Celica Supra 2.8?

If so, they do not have many mechanical issues, however sourcing parts can be a bit of a headache as there aren't many of them left now. I have sourced parts, but mainly from the US and bring them back with me when i go to visit my partners family, they are a lot cheaper too over the pond.

Main rust spots are wheel arches, rear quarter panels and the worst area is the tailgate and sunroof. I have seen restored cars go for approx £2500, but these have been mint cars with low mileage and full service history.

For more info you can visit www.celicasupra.com. It is an American site but there is a lot of info on them.

Hope this helps and happy hunting :thumbsup:

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Hi Kiff

Yeah that's the one, thanks for the info.


Hello Mike, this is a link to my 2.8 Supra, any questions please feel free to ask :)


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Engine wise the 5MGE is very tough. Even with 200k miles on the clock it should be smooth and vibration free. No squeaky/ticky noises.

The W58 gearbox should go smoothly into all gears without any real effort. Listen out for any strange drivetrain noises on the test drive.

The MA61 Supra really is a tough old boot :)

Rust is the main thing to look out for.

I had rust in the sils, sunroof and the rear of mine.

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The 5ms were a little prone to blocked oil ways if not serviced enough... but that's it!

the only other real thing to look for, as stated above, is rot.

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Got my supra in a magazine just before i sold her, could be helpful as a buyers guide for other members :thumbsup:



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