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Lowering Springs


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I am looking to buy some lowering springs for my corolla ts, i just wanted to know ive been looking at the Eibach and pi lowering springs and the state a 30 - 40 mm drop for a t sport, but it doesnt say if thats for a pre facelift or facelift t sport, obviously if thats for a pre facelift then 30mm wont look much difference on my facelift as the pre is really high standard? If anyone would reccomend some springs and provide a link i would be very greatful!

also i was wondering where can i source parts for my car as theres not much available to what i know of for my car:

here - for sale section



and whats going on with envyperformance lately not been working for ages? is there any other decent sites im not aware of?

im also looking for some fog light bulbs and again a link to ones which would fit or just the make and size would be great!

Out of interest has anyone fitted a lightweight flywheel to a ts corolla as my mate recons it would be a really good mod for the ts to get it in lift faster, and i can live with a bit less torque.....?


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MarcTS had fitted a fidanza lightened flywhell and he regretted it ever since it was fitted.

He was saying that its harder to keep in lift between gears and that when you let off the accelrator when in lift in was violent.

Monkey wrench racing has a few bits for the 2zzge engine, the matrix xrs in america is the same as the t-sport.

There are loads of sites that sell bits for our cars.

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cheers, wont bother with the flywheel then! do you know of any other uk sites what sell bits for our cars? also appreciate if someone could hekp me with the lowering spring issue as im thinking of buying some, also can lowering springs affect tracking and the centering of steering wheels?


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I really dont know why marc didnt like the flywheel. I love my fidanza. Made a world of diffrrence. You have to change your driving style to suit.

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think im going to order these can somebody just confirm they will lower my facelift ts by 30mm. also are they a good spring anyone else got them? thanks

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