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3 Door Landcruiser.?


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I was quite fancying a 3 door Landcruiser.

I tow my digger about a lot on a plant trailer.

The 5 door is too big.

I look at the Toyota website and there isn't that option there.?

A quick look at Autotrader proves these models exist, are they imports.?



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They were sold in the UK for a while. Never great sellers so were dropped.

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I am losing faith with Toyota.

First, they ruin the MR2, then they drop the 3 door RAV, now the 3 door Landcruiser.

I will have to look elsewhere for my next transport.

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The 3 door landcruiser is available here in ireland,and the majority of toyota dealers will gladly export a vehicle to the Uk.I know my local dealer has done so in the past.www.ocallaghanmotors.com.

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There are many more landcruisers sold in Ireland than here. People tend to buy land rovers here instead. Not worth importing the 3 door if there are only going to be a few sales.

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Most Landcruisers sold in Ireland are commercial bodies (only two seats) and a lot of them are the SWB model. It is for tax reasons. They are cheaper to buy as there is less VRT. The new commercial costs 37k and the passenger costs 62k. The commercials are much cheaper to tax, €288 as opposed to €2100 for the passenger ones. The landcruiser would have been the main farmer and builder jeep in Ireland for the past few years.

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