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Door Panle


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could some one provide steps in opening/removing the front passengers inside door panel, my window dropped into the door today need to see what i can do before the garage rips me off.


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done this a few times to sort the dodgy wire that goes in to my speaker. You have to undo the screw in the door handle itself, and then undo the plastic studs around the outside of the plastic cover. Only takes a few mins, and as for a detailed guide I think man-bing has done one.

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ok got it open without a guide.

now im gonna need some help if any of you guys know this stuff.

so basically I was driving along and my passenger window was covered in rain drops which were blocking my mirror view, so i decided to bring it down to get rid of them (as you do most of the time) and the window came down in an unusual way, the front went into the door and the back went up so I realised its fudged up. I tried to move it up and down once more and it did the same thing and got stuck in the middle. So i made a stop and tried to move it around to get some result but it just fell in which led me to have a great 30 min ride home in cold weather :)

Ok now the window part, just spent two hours in the snow trying to see what can be done.

There is a motor inside that moving these glass holders one is left as you can see in the photo and the other is on the right side, the glass slipped out from those holders and fell in and thats what happend.


now further investigation shows that the glass has a rubberised strip that goes into those holders and as you can see from the photo it has faded where it was


i think what cause the glass to slip out of place (and that is what its doing now when i try to move it up and down) is that water got into those holders and rubber just slips out


so what i did was, dried out the glass and the holder, placed the glass into those holders with many attempts and when i moved it up and down it still slipped out, the right part fell inward and brought the left part up and it fudge up from there.

another problem that added to this was that as soon as the motor moved the glass up all the way to the top it moved right down after without me touching the control or anything, and that made the glass slip out also.

now i managed to slowly move it up to the top not completely to the top, but close to it, and iv left it at that i really dont wanna come near that thing after spending 2 hour in the snow along with tons of frustration.

im gonna try and google this maybe someone had a similar problem to look for a solution before i actually go to a garage or the dealers. so im just looking for any input you guys might have or any advice for me.


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