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Replacing A Headlight Unit

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Hi everyone,

I need to replace an entire front headlight unit (nearside) on a 2003 Avensis.

I understand that the bumper needs to be partially removed to do this, but I dont have a Haynes manual.

Please could somebody point me in the right direction, what is the easiest way to approach this? If you could give me a rough idea of where the screws are that I need to remove I would really appreciate it!

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Chris

I had to do this 2 years ago. From a very sketchy memory I had to take the covers under the engine off & the wheel arch cover. The bumper is also attached at the top, so had to take the top engine covers off. Eventually had enough play to drop the bumper on one side to allow enough clearance to get the light in & out. Took ages cos I had no manual!! Take care with the plastic clips as they are brittle!

I konw it's not much but good luck.

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